Select a target task and develop your own instructional sequence using this six- step procedure as a model.

Step 1
Look at leaflets offering vacation tours. Identify key words (activities, sports you can or cannot do, foods, drinks)
Step 2
Listen to a model conversation between two tourist guides talking about one place they visited. Practise the conversation and then try to practise using information from Step 1.
Step 3
Listen to several tourist talking about their vacations. Try to identify the place they visited and match them with the places from Step 1.
Step 4
Listen again to the tourists. Identify adjectives and activities so that you can make questions to compare places. Questions may include: is it cheaper than…? Can you do…? Is there a… activity?
Step 5
Pair work: Role play. A group of students will role play as tourist guides selling vacation tours, the rest of the students will act as costumers trying to find an ideal place for holidays according to their needs.
Step 6
Students should discuss and choose one place.


  1. It is OK. In step 6 are the students supposed to work in groups? Also, choose one place from step 1, or any place? Once they choose one place, what are they supposed to do? (make a poster, act out a conversation, make a leaflet... or ..?)


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