Hello people! We were asked to write about a book that we had read or a reading experience. On my “special” case, I am not into reading but I will take advantage of this opportunity to explain the reason why I do not like reading. First: When it comes to books, I must be interested in the story or the topic that it deals with.

I get bored easily. In the case of books, there is a lot time devoted to the descriptions of places and actions. I know that the author must use words carefully to help us imagine the places and the way in which things occur. I am a person that needs to read action every 3 or 4 lines, otherwise I get bored.

Well… is not that I don’t like books in general. I prefer reading things like comic books, manga, and a history book that talks about a topic that I’m interested in.  For example, I was very interested in the Second World War and I read a few books and articles about it. As I read I got amazed of how things happened and how Germany prepared itself for wa…

First language acquisition

Hello people! How are you? I wanted to share this video about First Language Acquisition. I think it has the main ideas of the theory.

Select a target task and develop your own instructional sequence using this six- step procedure as a model.
Step 1 Look at leaflets offering vacation tours. Identify key words (activities, sports you can or cannot do, foods, drinks) Step 2 Listen to a model conversation between two tourist guides talking about one place they visited. Practise the conversation and then try to practise using information from Step 1. Step 3 Listen to several tourist talking about their vacations. Try to identify the place they visited and match them with the places from Step 1. Step 4 Listen again to the tourists. Identify adjectives and activities so that you can make questions to compare places. Questions may include: is it cheaper than…? Can you do…? Is there a… activity? Step 5 Pair work: Role play. A group of students will role play as tourist guides selling vacation tours, the rest of the students will act as costumers trying to find an ideal place for holidays according to their n…


Hello people! It’s been a while. I’ve been through a lot of exams lately and I wanted to share with you how I feel and behave every time I have to study and sit for an exam. This is going to be divided in a few “stages” let’s say. 1st Stage POSPONING
Every time I have to start preparing myself for an exam, I check how many days are left for the exam. If the exam is in two weeks’ time, I just chill and convince myself that I have too much time to study so I pospone study time.
2nd Stage Trying to Study When there is a week left for the exam, I start gathering all the material necessary for the test. I sit on my desk and I try to “re-read” the material (because I WAS supposed to read it for a class, but sometimes I forget to do it) and then i try to at least understand what I’m reading. I find really difficult to concentrate when I’m reading something and there is noise around me, so I always study when my family is asleep. But when I try to study during the night, I find myself tired and ge…
I've found this video on youtube and i wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know what you think.

If you are into japanese tv, take a look

Hello people! I've found this tv program and i think that it could be very useful if you have japanese students or if you want to learn a bit of pronunciation! well... that's it, have fun! May the force be with you (;