Hello people! It’s been a while. I’ve been through a lot of exams lately and I wanted to share with you how I feel and behave every time I have to study and sit for an exam.
This is going to be divided in a few “stages” let’s say.

Every time I have to start preparing myself for an exam, I check how many days are left for the exam. If the exam is in two weeks’ time, I just chill and convince myself that I have too much time to study so I pospone study time.

2nd Stage Trying to Study
When there is a week left for the exam, I start gathering all the material necessary for the test. I sit on my desk and I try to “re-read” the material (because I WAS supposed to read it for a class, but sometimes I forget to do it) and then i try to at least understand what I’m reading. I find really difficult to concentrate when I’m reading something and there is noise around me, so I always study when my family is asleep. But when I try to study during the night, I find myself tired and get distracted by every single thing, my phone, the computer, noises. Then, after reading something I take a “little” break, I watch videos on the internet or play some videogames, but then I realize that my break was not little and I give up and go to bed.

3rd Stage The Day Before The Exam
This is probably the worst day of any student. The anxiety, nerves, anger, happiness, regret, everything combined in such a little time.  You are nervous because you don’t know if you’re going to remember things. Angry because you forget what you read. Happiness because you’re finishing your summaries to make things more easy. You regret not studying earlier. But well, the day before the exam I try to at least finish my summaries or borrow one from my mates. I panic because I realize that there was A LOT to study. I cry then try to study blaming myself for being so dumb for leaving things for the last moment.

4rd Stage The Day Of The Exam
The day were you realize that you have never slept so bad, the day were everything bothers you, the day anything can make you cry. The day that you will face your destiny. During this day I try to read as many summaries as I can. Also i ask mates for easy answers for topics that I could not understand so well. I don’t eat the day of the exam, I just drink some sedative tea, and an “armonil” that is also a sedative. After all that, I take the bus to my institute, praying: “I hope she ask this, this and this… otherwise I’M DEAD!”

And well this is my life every time I have to prepare an exam.

Let me know what you think. Do go through any of these stages? Any other you would like to tell me?


  1. Nice post, Emi! I think that we all go through (more or less) the same stages. I remember a teacher singing "nobody said it was easy."

  2. Nice "story telling" style!! (And as your teacher I am going to pretend I did not read the parts where you mention not having read for classes) ;-)


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